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TurboCourt - April 13, 2020

Example, Passport - United States of America Book

Roger D. Eaton, the Clerk of Court for Charlotte County, has enhanced the Clerk’s self-help services for self-represented litigants to increase access to the courts. As part of this new program, we partnered with TurboCourt, the only Florida-certified vendor specializing in automated filing assistance for non-lawyers. TurboCourt’s advanced technology enhances filing assistance by navigating users through a series of questions online. The answers provided are then automatically and accurately inputted into the appropriate legal form by the software. This advanced software allows litigants to prepare and submit court forms from home, office, or even their mobile device, for a nominal vendor fee.

While this exceptional tool for self-represented litigants makes the filing of legal documents much simpler, anyone who prefers to manually complete court forms can do so by accessing our website’s robust online forms section. These manually completed forms can be submitted to the Clerk’s Office either by mail, the Florida Courts e-filing portal, or at one of our five drop box locations throughout Charlotte County.

The following is the list TurboCourt forms available: