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Juror Appreciation Week - May 5, 2019

Juror Appreciation Week, April 28th through May 4th 2019, Recognizing the important role jurors play in our justice system

Jury by trial, is a fundamental right guaranteed to all Americans by the Constitution. Serving as a Juror provides justice for all American citizens.

It is a privilege, as well as a duty to serve. Florida law governs the selection of jurors by randomly choosing from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) records. In Charlotte County, citizens with valid Driver’s Licenses or Identification cards are picked for Jury Duty as a one day or one trial event. Most trials last only one day, but if you are selected for a trial that lasts longer, you must serve the length of that trial.

This year Roger D. Eaton, Charlotte County Clerk of Circuit Court celebrated juror appreciation week. Jurors summoned to the Charlotte County Justice Center were served coffee and doughnuts and were presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Clerk of the Court.

As the potential jurors checked in, Clerk Eaton thanked them for performing their civic duty and discussed the technology updates he has made since taking office, allowing jurors to check in online, so when they arrive they only need to scan a code in one of the juror kiosks.

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