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Clerk's office invests in healthy indoor environment - April 5, 2021

Charlotte County Clerk of Court, Roger D. Eaton, invests in ActivePure® Technology to ensure the healthiest indoor environment for the Clerk’s Justice Center and Murdock offices.

Clerk Eaton recently purchased several high-powered Safe Air and Surface purification systems by industry leader ActivePure® Technology for install in the Clerk’s Justice Center and Murdock offices. These systems have been tested in FDA-compliant laboratories to safely control and neutralize contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in numerous independent studies.

Throughout his term as Clerk of Court, Clerk Eaton has always focused on using innovative technology to make the Clerk’s office more efficient and user-friendly. Now he has invested in innovative technology to provide an even safer, healthier indoor environment for his staff and the public. “I always look for ways to improve the efficiency and convenience of our offices for the public”, said Clerk Eaton. “Safety and good health go hand-in-hand with making our office more efficient and convenient for our staff and members of the public”.