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Administrative Order No. 2.39 dated March 18, 2020, in accordance with the directives of the Florida Supreme Court, immediately suspends all grand jury proceedings, jury selection proceedings, and criminal and civil jury trials until further notice or until superseded by further order of the Florida Supreme Court.

Therefore, if you received a jury summonses, you may now disregard it. Also, no future jury summons will be mailed until directed otherwise by the Florida Supreme Court.

Please continually go to our website at for updates regarding jury service, as we are receiving constant updates from the Governor's office, the Florida Supreme Court and the 20th Judicial Circuit.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 941-833-3054 or email us at We will happily answer all questions.

Once again, effective March 18, 2020 by order of the Florida Supreme Court, all jury trials have been suspended indefinitely.